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We're Nathaniel & Kelly

We're a husband-wife team specializing in mediumship mentorship & trance channeling.

We focus on The FLOW Method, which combines meditation, mindfulness, and flow states to get you out of your head, trust yourself, and improve your connection to Spirit.

Nathaniel & Kelly Epting

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Discover The FLOW Method in this mediumship training

Discover my proven, 5 step process to receive undeniable evidence from Spirit, without having to be in the right mood! You'll also learn the 2 biggest mistakes mediums make when they try to receive evidence and what to do instead.

Attend a live Trance Teaching Series™ workshop online

Come experience a live workshop like you've never seen before! Kelly will go into trance and let our guides, Freya and Hecate, come through to share wisdom, impart healing, and show you new ways to take your spiritual development even further.


Apply for a private mediumship mentorship program

Apply for this 14-week private mentorship program that teaches you how to confidently channel information from Spirit that flows easily and makes sense every time.

Book a private Trance Guidance or Trance Healing session

Book a private trance channeling session with Kelly and her master guides for either healing or guidance. Each session lasts up to an hour online over zoom and includes a recording.

What Others Are Saying

Nathaniel’s expertise and mastery of meditation helped me to clearly understand my meditation practice more in-depth, not only on a spiritual level, but also in a more empirical way.

His warmth, authenticity, and contagious passion about this beautiful practice, makes him a truly inspirational teacher.


I don't think there are enough words to describe how wonderful Kelly is as a teacher, and how much she's helped me.

She's a natural born teacher who deeply cares about you, and will work tirelessly with you to determine the best way to help you get better. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you can benefit from her skills.


Nathaniel is a fantastic mentor. His passion comes alive through his lessons. His teachings are structured amazingly, allowing even beginners to understand not only the assignments, but the steps to succeed. Everything is clear, to the point, and never does one feel inadequate. 


In just one hour Kelly helped me to better understand my craft and myself, and I left feeling excited and confident about the future!


Guest Podcast Episodes

Our Background

We have both spent the last 13+ years exploring spirituality through various methods and ideologies, not only for ourselves, but so we could find a clear path forward that we could share with like-minded people. 

Our journey has even taken us around the world from the red rocks of Sedona, to the ruins of Chichen Itza, to New Orleans Square, all the way to the Taoist temples of Wudang Mountain in China!

Here are some highlights:

  • We graduated from UC Irvine with our Bachelor of Arts. Class of 2010 (Kelly) & 2012 (Nathaniel) Zot zot zot!
  • We are advanced practitioners of Chinese qigong under the tutelage of the renowned Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue.
  • We have studied advanced states of meditative absorptions and Buddhist practices on retreat with Leigh Brasington, the senior American student of Ayya Khema's lineage.

Our Story

Long before we got married (or even dated for that matter) we were friends who shared a common interest in spirituality and self discovery.

We were two wayfarers navigating their way through the world looking for grounded and open-minded practices, that also taught you how to learn the really cool stuff like: mediumship, channeling, out-of-body experiences, and energy work. And along the way, we fell in love.

After 13+ years of seeking, learning, practicing, and navigating some really whacky waters all around the world, (Oh yeah! We also got married.) we've paved a clear path forward from all that knowledge and experience, and hope to share it with like-minded people!

Throughout it all, we've always been a packaged deal. So we figured... why stop now?