Phase 3- Overcoming Limiting Mindsets & Achieving a Key Meditative State

As an Intermediate meditator, you've already put in considerable time developing consistency and technique in your practice, so the best way to help you progress is by focusing on the QUALITY of your practice by: overcoming limiting mindsets and achieving a key meditative state.

Now that you've established a proper foundation and refined your technique, you get to start learning the more internal aspects of meditation. It's during this stage that you'll really start to see the artistry behind meditation. It's not just a process-based skill, but a unique path that unfolds each and every time.

These limiting mindsets are mental traps that all meditators will face, but how they manifest for you will be unique. But no matter how they manifest, you can trace them back to the same 5 mindsets time and time again. Learning to recognize and navigate these mind states are the first area of focus during this phase.

In this phase, the limiting mindsets you'll learn to overcome, directly block your ability to achieve a key meditative state. It's known by a few names, some you might have seen before like: access concentration, light trance, beta/alpha brainwaves, Monroe's Focus 3, the hemi-sync state, etc. I like to call it the key state, for simplicity's sake.

No matter its name, you can think of this meditative state as a key that unlocks a much higher potential for connecting with higher consciousness and utilizing your intuitive abilities. It has a mental aspect of happiness, peace, and contentment that's ripe with creative potential and enhanced problem solving abilities.

Phase 3 Practice Goals:

  • Learning how to identify and overcome the 5 limiting mindsets
  • Learning how to balance this more introspective phase of practice with the more technical phases from before
  • Accessing a key meditative state known in many different spiritual practices that helps you connect with higher consciousness and utilize your intuitive abilities