Phase 4- Connecting With Higher Consciousness

As an Advanced meditator, it’s not so much about progressing any more, but using what you've learned to further explore other areas of practice that connect you with higher consciousness and your intuitive abilities, while further developing mental qualities of joy, peace, and creativity.

We categorize these areas of further practice all under the umbrella of "higher consciousness" because they let us connect to higher parts of ourself, our world, spirit, and a greater reality.

In Phase 4, there's no clear way forward. There are many doors for you to walk through depending on your interest, all of which will be benefited from the key state (Phase 3).

*Potential Phase 4 Practice Goals:

  • Learning more progressively refined mental states that give you a true sense of inner-happiness, contentment, and peace
  • Learning how to access the immaterial through out of body experiences (OBEs) and astral travel
  • Learning how to connect to the immaterial through trance speaking/channeling
  • Learning how to use the key state for self discovery, creativity, and problem solving
  • Learning how to use the key state for increased intuitive abilities like psychic development and mediumship

*This is not a comprehensive list