The Beginner

The Beginner meditator is still fairly new to meditation, but unlike The Novice, they've begun meditating. If this is you, your practice might not always be clear, structured, or consistent, but you ARE meditating!

If you’ve meditated before, this part of The Meditative Path is where you’ll most likely identify, even if there’s some aspects of The Novice you’d still benefit from going over.

If you haven't found a suitable meditation technique yet, you're likely doing a lot of guided meditations offered on other apps and YouTube.

No matter your starting point, when you practice, you might not always be sure if you're doing things right. You'll struggle with distractions like sounds, thoughts, body discomfort, and/or fidgeting.

Ultimately, the defining factor of The Beginner is that you’ve taken your first steps as a meditator, so your practice has gone from just a desire to meditate to actually meditating. Now comes the time to build upon that foundation and add more depth to your practice!