Phase 2- Refining Your Technique

As a Beginner meditator, the most important thing to focus on is refining your technique and working with common distractions. This will build off the momentum and experience you've been cultivating in Phase 1.

Any meditators who have been practicing with guided meditations should first go through The Novice phase to find a suitable core practice and establish a proper foundation before moving forward.

Phase 2 Practice Goals:

  • Learn how to establish proper mindfulness
  • Learn how to balance the 3 E's in your practice: effort, engagement, & energy
  • Discover how to work with common distractions like thoughts, sounds, and physical sensations to calm your mind
  • Discover how to overcome dullness within your practice to achieve more mental clarity and alertness
  • Begin evaluating your practice after to more effectively adapt and grow through this phase
  • Start bringing in an element of self discovery by exploring signs of personal resistance around your practice (like procrastination, uncertainty, too much pressure, etc.)