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Have you ever wondered… “What is the meaning of life?”

We have too. And while we’ll never know for sure, we DO know there is a continual evolution process that occurs. Change, evolution, growth…they’re all inevitable.

But as the world changes, there needs to be a space where we can come together to learn, to share, to inspire, and to support each other.

A space where working on yourself, becoming more self aware, and connecting to a more spiritual you should be celebrated and encouraged. A space to connect with the inner knowledge that’s within each of us, and to discover a feeling of driving purpose in life.

Modern Monks is that space.

Modern Monks is about that continual evolution – both personal and spiritual – that enhances every aspect of your life, encourages you to leave your mark on the world, and helps others do the same. And by doing so, makes the world a better place.


Live a life full of meaning, self discovery, & transformation.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, where you’re from, what your religious background is, or if you’ve had spiritual experiences before…

Modern Monks will be able to help you out.

Life is a puzzle. And we believe that each philosophy, religion, method, and approach are just another way of helping us learn the same stuff – they’re each a piece of the same puzzle that comes from that deeper inner knowledge we all possess.

At Modern Monks, we do our best to share helpful and actionable tips, strategies, advice, and practices that comes from looking at that greater truth inside all of us.

You’ll find this across our blog, newsletter (see below to join!), courses, Pinterest, Facebook page, and Instagram. (And soon, YouTube channel!)

So no matter what your experience is, as long as you come with an open mind and a willingness to grow, learn, and discover…you should find information and advice that will connect with you and help you on your own life’s path.



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Nathaniel Epting
Nathaniel EptingCo-founder / Co-owner / Writer
I’m so excited to share Modern Monks with you guys! All of the stuff we share here have given me the tools, perspective, and wisdom to live a confident and compassionate life full of purpose and wonder. And I know it can do the same for you too!
Kelly Hinkle
Kelly HinkleCo-founder / Co-owner / Writer
I hope that Modern Monks provides meaning for you! I know it has expanded my awareness, and unlocked awe, happiness, strength, and purpose in my life. And I can’t wait to help you achieve the same!
Kaitlin Walker
Kaitlin WalkerCo-founder / Guest Writer
I hope Modern Monks helps guide you along your life! The information we share has given me a profound sense of understanding, and the ability to embrace life’s challenges and triumphs. And I think it’ll do the same for you!


How Modern Monks began.

Our big dream is to help transform the world we live in, into the something more we all know it can be, by helping people live a more spiritual and fulfilled life.

And for the three of us, that dream truly began back in 2011 through a series of synchronous events that would form the core of what would become Modern Monks.

So without further ado…A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

We were all theater people at UC Irvine.

But of course we didn’t all come together then. That would have been WAY too easy!

It wouldn’t be until after college that our paths would truly cross.

The three of us got hired to work on a musical at a local high school. And while the opportunity was nice, it would be far more valuable than we could have ever imagined.

You see, while music and performing were the focus of our lives at the time, the three of us shared a deeper passion that was about to make a dramatic entrance in our lives…

Our first dress rehearsal had finished and the music for the show had gone horribly wrong. We knew it was going to be a long and late night ahead of us trying to make sense of it all. So we got to work.

After way too many hours, we did what any sane person would do and ordered some pizza and took a break! We were alone in a theater late at night that was rumored to be haunted. It set the mood perfectly.

We talked for hours about some of our more spiritual and personal interests, our philosophies on life, and our shared interest in the paranormal.

We realized that between the three of us, we’ve pretty much read the entirety of the New Age section at Barnes & Noble and had a huge fascination with anything magical, mysterious, and spiritual. We had all been the “go to” people for our friends when it came to life advice, and were always told we were “beyond our years” by teachers and peers alike.

It was the perfect blend of excitement, curiosity, and knowledge, with a touch of destiny about it all.

And that’s when things got…weird.

We started noticing a strange clicking sound that we thought was above the stage in the catwalk. The clicking was not unlike the sound made by a child running a stick along a fence. It was just slower, clearer, and far more random.

We knew we were alone and it was late at night. The power to the stage lights, the sound system, and all other tech had been shut off long ago, since we only needed some casual room light to see. So we thought it MUST be a ticking clock, or some lights cooling off, or something rattling about.

Obviously, we went exploring…

We were up in the catwalk checking things out. There was a clock, but it was so faint you had to press your ear against it to hear it tick. The lights were cold, and probably had been for hours. There was no wind or anything rattling. We couldn’t even hear the strange clicking sound anymore.

Stumped and a bit confused, we went back down and got working again. And that’s when it started back up – the strange clicking noise had returned!

What was strange though, was that we previously assumed the sound was coming from above us when we last heard it. But this time, we noticed it wasn’t coming from the catwalk. It was just…there.

And that’s when Nathaniel suddenly remembered something he had learned a few weeks ago in a psychic development class:

Spirits often make a popping sound of some kind as means of communication, validation, or to get your attention.

So out of options and with nothing to lose, we sat down and tried to have a conversation with our mysterious clicking sound. At first we felt utterly ridiculous. But that’s when we realized that the random pattern wasn’t random at all! It was responding to what we were saying.

So we took it further…

One click for “yes,” two for “no,” and multiple for “other.”

It worked. If any of you are familiar with dowsing and pendulums, we were in essence doing the same thing.

The conversation didn’t last long, but the gist was that there WAS a spirit present and we had such a strong energy about us that it wanted to connect with us.

At this point, we were so tired, baffled, and totally thrilled by what happened we went back down to the stage, closed up shop for the evening, and took a beat.

And that’s when Nathaniel noticed it first…

NOT the strange clicking sound! But some kind of highly muffled and faint voice like a radio announcer.


No one was there other than us…it was around 3 AM! Everything was turned off hours ago when everyone left. The room that had access to the sound system (and apparent radio?) was even locked up by the stage manager.

So none of this made sense, and we couldn’t turn up the volume to hear better. We had no access to anything. All we had to do was our jobs and close the pre-locked doors behind us when we left.

What was going on?!

So we did the only thing we could and listened closer. And while we couldn’t make out any words, Nathaniel thought he caught some numbers.

So we grabbed our stuff, closed the doors behind us, and left. We all crowded in Kaitlin’s car, now in complete exuberance, flipped on the radio, and tried tuning it to the numbers Nathaniel thought he heard.

Which also worked.

We were shocked.

It was a late night religious talk show of some kind, and the first thing we heard was a man that said something along the lines of, “…just let them in. They’re at your front door, on the other side, and you just have to open it and let them in.”

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

We were completely stunned, blown away, and had no idea what to make of everything. But we all knew what we heard and what had happened that night, and couldn’t deny the strange synchronicity of everything.

We know our “little origin story” hasn’t been so little, but the fun certainly didn’t stop there for us.

We had another week in the theater, and each night we came back, stayed late, and made contact with various spirits and guides that ultimately taught us some very key lessons and truths:

Have unconditional love for all people, nature, and spirit. And feel the unconditional love they all have for you. (Fun fact: this deep feeling was called Maz, and it’s more like, “I see you” from James Cameron’s Avatar than it is love.)

Follow your own inner knowing. It’s your life’s compass to keep you on track.

Strive to live a life of harmony. Find your own harmony with all things in life and live by it.

Have conviction in life. From the things you do, and the goals you have, live a life of purpose.

At the end of the day, this is not a story of our success. It’s a story of the core concepts and events that changed our lives.

And we’re not only sharing them with you, but also doing our best to follow them like anyone else. We learn more and more every day how to embrace these core lessons as well as all the others we’ve learned since.

And that’s why we founded Modern Monks. To be the place where we can share, learn, connect, and help as many people as possible life a more spiritual and fulfilled life.


Modern Monks exists to help you, in every way we can.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve had crazy spiritual experiences in your life…

It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you come from…

It doesn’t even matter what your age is or if you’re religious or not…

The things we share on Modern Monks are universal. As long as you come with an open mind and a willingness to grow, learn, and discover you’ll fit right in.

It’s never too late to begin to grow as a person and change the world around you.


of your Modern Monks journey.

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