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5 Unusual Ways To Give Back To Yourself

After a day of giving the best of yourself to everyone and everything you encounter, how do you recover? How do you cope with being burned out, or spent, or fried, day after day?

It’s hard finding time to give back to yourself, but how can you go about your day tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that if you never find time to revive your energy?

Some times a cup of tea just […]

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Giving Back To Yourself: A Need, Not A Want

We’re all doing our best. We all want to be good people.

Call your parents, text your brother, meet up with your sister, hang out with your co-workers, organize your best friend’s birthday, help your spouse with their problem.

The list goes on and on…

So you leave a little of yourself at work, drop off some of your energy at the gym, dispose of some passion working toward your dream, give your heart to the people you […]

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Being Grateful: The Stuff Behind The Fluff

Being grateful is such a simple concept.

People have been talking about it for a long time, so many studies have been done on it, and everyone has heard some way or another that it will uplift your life.

And how couldn’t it?

Being grateful for everything you have, no matter how small or how much adversity you face, uplifts your mind and brightens your outlook.

Without a doubt it will help you focus on what makes you happy.

And […]

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How To Be An Enlightened Traveler: Bringing Back More Than Just A Souvenir

Your history, your culture, your belief systems, and the physical place you live all impact the way you think.

Even the climate you’re in, the government around you, and the religions in your area are factors that color your life experiences.

You may not see your every day life being affected, but it is.

The world around you seeps into your mind and changes how you understand life. And your experiences continue the process of shaping who you […]

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Sometimes Your Friend Turns Out To Be A VAMPIRE

Today is the best day of the week…

The most coveted day of all…

Your. Day. OFF.

(Michael Bay caliber explosions)

No job, no have to’s, well maybe a few errands, but whatever. It’s your day off. And your good friend wants to hang out.

Sure! Cause it’s your DAY OFF to do DAY OFF THINGS!

He comes over, you talk and hang out and 5 hours fly by. You close the door behind him and…


Exhaustion hits you like a ton […]

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Over-Giving: The Downfalls To Being A Bleeding Heart

Imagine you have a stack of one hundred $1 bills in your pocket to spend.

You go buy some food that costs $15. But instead you give the person $25.

Then you buy a shirt that cost $30, but you choose to pay $50 instead. You buy a cool gadget that cost $10 but you choose to pay $20.

So when you stop for frozen yogurt that cost $7, you’re very surprised when you can’t afford it. You […]

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