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Our big dream is to help transform the world we live in, into the something more we all know it can be, by helping people live a more spiritual and fulfilled life. At Modern Monks, we do our best to share helpful and actionable tips, strategies, advice, and practices that comes from looking at that greater truth inside all of us.

The 10 Benefits of Journaling That Will Transform Your Life

Most of us have experienced the benefits of journaling at some point in our lives, most likely through our pre-teen and teenage years, at the very least.

But journaling isn’t something that’s just meant to guide you through your youth…

It can be a worthwhile tool that can enhance your life throughout your journey.

Many famous figures and business officials are now talking about the positive effects journaling has had on them and how important they find it. […]

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Why You Should Value Your Journey Over Your Destination

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu

This famous quote by Lao Tzu reminds us how simple beginnings are. You can’t start your story at the end, you’re only able to start each chapter at it’s beginning.

And the beginning is an exhilarating place to be, because it is full of hope and possibilities. 

We want to achieve our goal, that’s why we’re starting a journey in the […]

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Discover What The Little Things Say About You

As we look to understand ourselves deeper, you might get stuck on where to start. Asking questions about who you are is a great place to turn, but many questions that tell us about ourselves are complex and multifaceted.

And those are super hard to answer!

So although it’s exciting to learn about ourselves, it can become a daunting task. And sometimes we can get so caught up in asking epic questions, we forget to notice what our daily choices say about […]

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Understanding Yourself: A Powerful Key To Unlocking Your Highest Potential

You are the lens through which you see the world.

There’s only one of you in existence, and you live here and now. You struggle through today’s battles and enjoy today’s triumphs. Understanding yourself allows you to consciously be at the heart of your experiences.

You don’t get to live your life as someone else; you don’t get to run away from yourself, no matter what you try. You’re a constant in your life.

And you are so […]

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You’re Every Bit As Extraordinary As A Superhero

In a world where it takes so much effort just to get through the day, why make time to work on what’s going on inside? Why should someone like me spend time seeking out my highest potential, when daily life is so complicated?

Because You Are a Hero

Inside every one of us, there is greatness.

A hero lying dormant, waiting for its chance to come out and light […]

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