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5 Ancient Divination Techniques That Can Illuminate Your Path

Halloween is a wonderful time of year. And with it comes all the fun of costumes, candy, and fantastic movie marathons.

But if you’re like us, you also appreciate the more cultural aspects of Halloween.

All over the world different cultures are celebrating ancient traditions, some of which have been around for hundreds of years.

And one of the most common traditions that people observe during this time is self-divination.

But doesn’t divination have to do with stuff […]

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5 Halloween Traditions From Around The World

Halloween has all the potential to be a fantastic time of year, filled with spices, apples, candles, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. In fact, I’m sure you could get pumpkin toothpaste if you looked hard enough.

But we’re not complaining! Who could live without the pumpkin spice lattes and candles and jack-o-lanterns?

But even more than the spices and pumpkins, Halloween is exciting because it carries such an air of mysticism; an air of magic.

And we here in the […]

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Sometimes Your Friend Turns Out To Be A VAMPIRE

Today is the best day of the week…

The most coveted day of all…

Your. Day. OFF.

(Michael Bay caliber explosions)

No job, no have to’s, well maybe a few errands, but whatever. It’s your day off. And your good friend wants to hang out.

Sure! Cause it’s your DAY OFF to do DAY OFF THINGS!

He comes over, you talk and hang out and 5 hours fly by. You close the door behind him and…


Exhaustion hits you like a ton […]

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Over-Giving: The Downfalls To Being A Bleeding Heart

Imagine you have a stack of one hundred $1 bills in your pocket to spend.

You go buy some food that costs $15. But instead you give the person $25.

Then you buy a shirt that cost $30, but you choose to pay $50 instead. You buy a cool gadget that cost $10 but you choose to pay $20.

So when you stop for frozen yogurt that cost $7, you’re very surprised when you can’t afford it. You […]

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Which Are WE…Knight, King, or Sage?

We’ve written quite a bit about Knight, King, Sage so far…

We’ve covered the basics in our Foolproof Guides Part 1 & Part 2.

We’ve shared 5 different stories that’ll show you how you can use KKS in your life.

We’ve revealed some of the hidden benefits of KKS.

And you’ve most likely taken the fun personality quiz that’ll help you discover which one you are!

But somehow, we’ve missed sharing which ones we are! Are you ready […]

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The Hidden Benefits of Knight, King, Sage

If you’ve been following along with us, you’ve had some time to take our fun personality quiz for yourself, learn the details of Knight, King, Sage (KKS), and read about it in action.

But there are far deeper benefits you’ll gain from using KKS as a tool in your life. And like all else, the more you use it the greater these underlying effects will be.

  1. KKS helps give you a greater sense […]
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The 10 Benefits of Journaling That Will Transform Your Life

Most of us have experienced the benefits of journaling at some point in our lives, most likely through our pre-teen and teenage years, at the very least.

But journaling isn’t something that’s just meant to guide you through your youth…

It can be a worthwhile tool that can enhance your life throughout your journey.

Many famous figures and business officials are now talking about the positive effects journaling has had on them and how important they find it. […]

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5 Positive Phrases That Might Be Holding You Back (And What You Can Do To Fix Them)

Everyone has a mantra or phrase that they tell themselves when life gets tough.

“Keep your chin up!” “You can do it!” “Take it one step at a time.”

There are also those little thought bubbles that aren’t quite as inspirational.

“Come on, get it right!” “Don’t be such a loser!” “Don’t mess up!”

Most of the time we recognize the difference between positive and negative self-talk. And most of us try to stay on the more positive side.

But […]

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