The Hidden Gems We Learned In China

Every road you take in life teaches you something new. So it’s not a surprise that traveling to the other side of the world holds many new discoveries!

And since we strive to be enlightened travelers, we brought back some of our favorite insights to share with you!

We’ve been so excited to share our pictures of China and stories about what we learned!

Off […]

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How To Be An Enlightened Traveler: Bringing Back More Than Just A Souvenir

Your history, your culture, your belief systems, and the physical place you live all impact the way you think.

Even the climate you’re in, the government around you, and the religions in your area are factors that color your life experiences.

You may not see your every day life being affected, but it is.

The world around you seeps into your mind and changes how you understand life. And your experiences continue the process of shaping who you […]

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