Over-Giving: The Downfalls To Being A Bleeding Heart

Imagine you have a stack of one hundred $1 bills in your pocket to spend.

You go buy some food that costs $15. But instead you give the person $25.

Then you buy a shirt that cost $30, but you choose to pay $50 instead. You buy a cool gadget that cost $10 but you choose to pay $20.

So when you stop for frozen yogurt that cost $7, you’re very surprised when you can’t afford it. You […]

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Discover What The Little Things Say About You

As we look to understand ourselves deeper, you might get stuck on where to start. Asking questions about who you are is a great place to turn, but many questions that tell us about ourselves are complex and multifaceted.

And those are super hard to answer!

So although it’s exciting to learn about ourselves, it can become a daunting task. And sometimes we can get so caught up in asking epic questions, we forget to notice what our daily choices say about […]

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Understanding Yourself: A Powerful Key To Unlocking Your Highest Potential

You are the lens through which you see the world.

There’s only one of you in existence, and you live here and now. You struggle through today’s battles and enjoy today’s triumphs. Understanding yourself allows you to consciously be at the heart of your experiences.

You don’t get to live your life as someone else; you don’t get to run away from yourself, no matter what you try. You’re a constant in your life.

And you are so […]

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