5 Unusual Ways To Give Back To Yourself

After a day of giving the best of yourself to everyone and everything you encounter, how do you recover? How do you cope with being burned out, or spent, or fried, day after day?

It’s hard finding time to give back to yourself, but how can you go about your day tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that if you never find time to revive your energy?

Some times a cup of tea just […]

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The 10 Benefits of Journaling That Will Transform Your Life

Most of us have experienced the benefits of journaling at some point in our lives, most likely through our pre-teen and teenage years, at the very least.

But journaling isn’t something that’s just meant to guide you through your youth…

It can be a worthwhile tool that can enhance your life throughout your journey.

Many famous figures and business officials are now talking about the positive effects journaling has had on them and how important they find it. […]

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