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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Nathaniel

About Mediumship That Flows™

This is a 14-week, 1-on-1 mentorship program that helps purpose-driven mediums channel undeniable evidence from Spirit, without having to be in the right mood.

You'll learn all 5 steps of The FLOW Method in depth, over 4 phases of development.

This online course corresponds to each of the lessons in the program. You'll find all lessons, videos, workbooks, and bonuses within. Use this along with our lessons to get the most out of the program.

Mediumship That Flows Mentorship Program

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Table of Contents:

Watch this video to quickly recap the goal of this mentorship program and learn about The FLOW Method.

Watch this video to learn what the plan is for the next 14-weeks.

Complete this quick quiz to find the best meditation technique for you.

Learn you technique from the Meditation Matchup Quiz and discover how to set up your practice to accommodate your lifestyle.

This is an overview of the loving kindness meditation technique.

This is an overview of the mindfulness of breathing meditation technique.

This is an overview of the body scanning meditation technique.

Learn my “3 Secrets of Consistency” to help you meditate more regularly and build the skill without it feeling like a chore.

Learn the “3 Supportive Practices” that make meditation more enjoyable and leads to greater success.

Learn how to use mindfulness to center yourself and become present so you don’t get lost in your thoughts and distractions. Learn my “ARMR” technique to effectively deal with distractions so you can stay present.

Discover what concentration REALLY means (it’s not what you think!) so you can experience this beautiful state-of-mind. Learn how to still your mind with my “3E’s: Conditions for Concentration” to easily stay focused.

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Learn how to recognize personal resistance and categorize them according to the 5 Hindrances to help stop reactive patterns.

Learn about craving and aversion, and how these two mindsets highly effect the amount of effort you give to mediumship and meditation.

Learn about "sloth and torpor" and "restlessness and worry" and how these two mindsets highly effect the amount of energy you give to mediumship and meditation.

Learn about "doubt" and how this mindset highly affects your ability to show up confidently with mediumship and meditation.

Enjoy a live guided meditation and reiki healing session to easy any energetic and emotional blocks that may be affecting you.

Discover how to recognize and access spiritual flow that will make your readings effortless.

Learn how to stabilize spiritual flow so it becomes a familiar pathway in your mind.

Learn how to "sit in the power” to shift your awareness to an expanded state and create an open connection to Spirit. Then learn how to engage Spirit and receive information.

You’ll learn how to apply these techniques to your mediumship in a live “Flow Demo" so you understand how to use The Flow Method in future readings.

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Here's how to continue on with the program.

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Learn how to jump back into your practice when you've taken some time off or haven't been very consistent.

Follow along this guided meditation to help you get a feeling for how to let go so you can access spiritual flow more easily.

About the Teacher


Nathaniel is a mediumship mentor and spiritual teacher with over 71 days of formal meditation retreat experience, and has been on his spiritual journey for 13+ years. Having studied at many spiritual centers, including the esteemed Arthur Findlay College online, he's passionate about bringing together meditation and mindfulness trainings to enhance mediumship and other spiritual abilities. He's a certified Reiki Master (Usui Ryoho style) and advanced qigong practitioner (Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue style). He's been taught how to access advanced altered states of consciousness (the Jhanas) through meditation by a leading expert in the field, as well as non-dual, open-awareness practices (MahaSati) by a highly-trained teacher of the Thai Forest Lineage and Insight Meditation Society.

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