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We’re always here to help answer any questions you may have. Below are some of the most common questions we get.

If you have any questions that aren’t covered below, please contact us and ask. We’re happy to help!


What is spiritual enlightenment?

We define spiritual enlightenment as an acceptance of a greater reality and an attempt to connect with it.


What is self mastery?

We define self mastery as the ongoing practice of self improvement.


What is ModernMonks?

ModernMonks is the name of our site and brand, which we have developed to teach you techniques and concepts that build the skills and understanding to discover spiritual enlightenment and pursue self mastery. You can read more about ModernMonks here.


How will ModernMonks help me?

Whether you know it or not, you're already on a journey to discover spiritual enlightenment and pursue self mastery. We’re here to teach you techniques and concepts that build the skills and understanding to discover these things through our content on ModernMonks.

Whether it's an article, course, newsletter, advice found in the comment areas, Facebook, or Twitter you'll find plenty of information that you can apply to your own life, guiding you along your journey.


Do you consider yourself a religion?

No. ModernMonks is not a religion, it’s not a science, but rather a fresh, open-minded, and worldly perspective that we follow and share with others in an attempt to bring us all to our highest potential.  It’s why we created ModernMonks, and we truly hope that you’ll find use of our philosophy on your own path to spiritual enlightenment and self mastery.


Do I need to be a particular religion to follow your advice?

Not at all! We've helped people from a wide range of religious backgrounds and found that the greater concepts we teach often feel right, regardless of other concepts you've learned.

Individual methods and truths that each religion provides are accepted and fit nicely with the greater concepts presented on this site.


I’m of a more scientific and logical mind and find that spirituality can often dissuade me. Is your site accessible for people who think like me?

Absolutely! Science has always been very important to humanity, and we feel it has a very important place in spirituality.

Modern science is just now trying to understand and prove concepts and theories that have been around for thousands of years, and are having great results. Nothing can be scientifically discovered until it is conceptualized (most of the time anyway).

Philosophy, spirituality, and great thinking of any kind help propel the human race and lead to great scientific discoveries in the future.


How do I know if I’ve achieved spiritual enlightenment or self mastery?

You can't “have” spiritual enlightenment or self mastery, therefore it's not something that you can fully achieve. It’s a state of being, a perspective, a philosophy, a way of life that you can discover and continually strive to be more and more a part of.

Spiritual enlightenment and self mastery are journeys, not destinations. Everyday you strive to grow is a step closer to mastering yourself and finding spiritual enlightenment. Though that’s not to say your life won’t dramatically change for the better along the way.


What are the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter?

As we continue to grow ModernMonks, we’ll be offering plenty of new information, courses, and ways to help guide you on your path. As a result, we value our subscribers who want to become more connected.

We’ll be offering special discounts on any courses, links to all new articles (so you never miss new content), the inside scoop on any future developments coming to ModernMonks, and any fun, insightful tips and recommendations we have for you throughout the week.  Plus, we'll always share something fun!

We also promise to never share your information, spam you, or frequently sell you other products. Our newsletter is our way to help connect and offer exciting things for people who want to take their growth to the next level.


I’m having troubles with something specific; can I ask you about it?

Please do! If you’re having troubles, questions, a cool story to share, or any topics you’d like to see us write about, please contact us at:

-The comment sections found throughout the site.

-Or Facebook and Twitter.