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Stream above to hear Kelly's guest appearance on the Opening The Door podcast with psychic-medium Haley BeaFrom the show notes:Today we're welcoming Kelly to tell us all about trance channeling! In this episode she describes:What it feels like to do Trance ChannelingHer personal journey with Trance ChannelingWe get into some Continue Reading

Opening The Door Ep 83: What Trance Channeling Feels Like

Stream above to hear Nathaniel's guest appearance on the Opening The Door podcast with psychic medium, Haley BeaThis conversation I had with Haley was such a deep and meaningful one! We got into a lot of philosophical discussions about things like:The nature of consciousnessWhat is astral travel or astral projection?How Continue Reading

Opening The Door Ep 69: Astral Travel with Nathaniel

Listen above to our recent guest appearance on the Embody Your Soul podcast with psychic medium and channeler, Alexandra ShellyWe had such a delightful time chatting with Alexandra on this episode of her podcast.We covered so many things like:Our joint spiritual awakenings and the transformative journey that led us hereA Continue Reading

Embody Your Soul Ep 76: Nathaniel & Kelly on their joint spiritual awakening story, intuitive partnership, & fundamental practices for developing mediums

Watch above or listen belowWe had an absolute blast talking with Juan on episode 91 of his podcast Third Eye Sight!Can you guess the number one question we get asked all the time?👉 What's it like being an intuitive couple?No, seriously! And we get it. It's actually pretty uncommon.We answer Continue Reading

Third Eye Sight Ep 91: Nathaniel & Kelly of Modern Monks on trance state, mediumship, and being business partners