October 15, 2015

We’ve written quite a bit about Knight, King, Sage so far…

We’ve covered the basics in our Foolproof Guides Part 1 & Part 2.

We’ve shared 5 different stories that’ll show you how you can use KKS in your life.

We’ve revealed some of the hidden benefits of KKS.

And you’ve most likely taken the fun personality quiz that’ll help you discover which one you are!

But somehow, we’ve missed sharing which ones we are! Are you ready to find out?

The Results Are In!

We make a point to share special content and connect with our email community that you won’t always find elsewhere on our site.

Well, we recently we asked everyone to play a game and guess which personality type the three of us identified with the most.

We figured it was only fair, since we’ve been asking you guys what your results have been.

And the results are finally in…

KKS Monks

Kaitlin (left) definitely identifies with Sage the most.

Kelly (center) is the Knight, without a doubt.

Nathaniel (right) is a great example of a King.

Kaitlin the Sage (Our Merlin)

Kaitlin shows a lot of sage qualities by being a great listener who really understand the deeper meaning behinds things.  She’ll bring insight to things and sum up every conversation with wise words.


As far as supporting mindsets go, she definitely has some knight in her (don’t get in the way of her and a vacuum cleaner).  There’s some king too, mostly when she’s figuring out the best way to organize her closet.  But at the end of the day, it’s her sage side that gets brought out the most.

Kelly the Knight (Our Lancelot)

Kelly shows her knight qualities through her passion and tendency to charge into situations. No obstacle is too great for her drive and enthusiasm!  (She really helps get things done around here…)


As far as her supporting mindsets go, she has a pretty solid king side to her too.  Most of her voice students will definitely recognize the shift in her personality when she starts to teach. There’s some sage that comes out in specific situations also (like packing a suitcase and philosophical discussions), but not nearly to the same degree as the others.

Nathaniel the King (Our Arthur)

Nathaniel displays his king side by effortlessly navigating situations that keep life running smoothly.  He has a keen eye for the most effective way to get things done and helps everyone when they get overwhelmed by coming up with tactics and plans.


Sage is definitely his strongest supporting mindset.  Planning and research work well together, particularly with his never ending curiosity! And there’s definitely some knight in there too (like when he’s on an adventure or at Disneyland).   But even with strong supporting mindsets, his natural ability to find the most tactical way of handing every situation makes him primarily a king.

Now That You Know…

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