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Let's develop your meditation practice together, with a strategic, process-based approach.

Whether you're just starting out or already have some familiarity, anyone can experience uplifting states from meditation with the right practice.

Why Coaching With me?

Meditation is a natural skill that anyone can learn to develop. And with the right practice, you can experience uplifting states of happiness, contentment, and peace too.

As your coach, it's my job to identify your obstacles and help you work through them so you can advance your practice.

The benefit of coaching is that you can have a more experienced and knowledgeable practitioner help make sense of your journey, which will be as unique as you! How you learn, what comes naturally, and what challenges you'll face along the way, will all play a part.

You'll want someone with experience to connect the dots for you and guide you along, so you don't waste time going down unproductive routes. Instead, you can relax and put your focus on developing your practice. Having someone experienced in your corner, cheering you on, will make a world of difference!
And that's where I come in. I've been on this journey for almost 10 years now, searching for a comprehensive method that will be flexible and informative, develop naturally and intuitively, while being practical and clear. You can read more about my journey here, but for now...
I teach new and established meditators how to access unmistakably real states of consciousness to discover insights, clarity, happiness, and peace, through a process-based system of training. In other words, I teach you how to navigate your hindering mindsets and challenges within traditional meditation, so you can tap into the profound and positive benefits of these uplifting states.
Let me walk you through the foundation of my coaching process below, and by the end, you'll know exactly if my process-based approach to meditation is right for you.

5 Misconceptions About Meditation

These are all things I've heard from new practitioners over the years. Honestly, I was even guilty of most of these too when I was starting out!

Meditation is for everyone. If any of these misconceptions are stopping you, think again!

I can't still my mind, so i can't meditate / meditation is about concentration

Concentration is a lackluster translation of the Pali word, Samādhi. Instead, we want to collect ourselves around an experience until it becomes the predominant focus. Distractions, including mental thoughts, are a natural part of this process that everyone learns to work with.

Meditation has to involve the breath

Breath-based meditation is highly effective, and for good reason. But it is certainly not the only suitable way to approach long-term solo practice. Techniques like loving-kindness, body scanning, or open-awareness meditation are all wonderful too. Finding the right technique for you is one of the first things we'll do!

i don't have the time / the practice is too difficult

Your practice is something that has to be developed slowly and nurtured. It has to match your development! At the same time, is all that time spent scrolling on social media and youtube really benefiting you? Of course, this is MODERN Monks, and there's a balance to be had. But is it really impossible to carve out some time to dedicate to your practice?

meditation is for "woo-woo feely types" of people

I get you! Our socialization trains us that a certain analytical and logical way of functioning is best. But meditation is about self-discovery and awareness, not abandoning reasoning and critical thinking. It's a journey that unfolds uniquely to you, and can be encouraged to develop however you see fit!

I can't tell if i'm meditating right or if it's working for me

First off, it's a process, not some quick-fix to see immediate results. But mostly, it's important to work with practice goals that are in your immediate skill level so you can see how your practice is developing. As you grow, the goals change, and you continue to progress down the meditative path. In doing so, you'll see how far you've come!

My Process-based Approach

I coach meditation in a strategic and process-based way. That means, catering my coaching to YOUR level of experience.

Based off my own research, experience, and understanding, I've broken down how to learn meditation into 4 progressive categories. I call this, The Meditative Path.

But please note:

  • The Meditative Path refers to the journey as a whole... the bigger picture
  • It's really more of a continuum of development instead of 4 separate categories (it's normal if you find yourself identifying somewhere in-between, or at different stages at different times)
  • You can move as far along the path as you'd like, but the assumption is that you'd like to experience the benefits of advanced practice

Identifying where you're at let's us quickly and more effectively work together by creating immediate practice goals and focusing our efforts where it matters most.

The Meditative Path

let's pinpoint where you're at

Use this interactive map by tapping any step to learn more.

No matter your starting point, my goal is to empower, teach, and guide you into The Advanced stage, so you can truly experience uplifting states of meditation.


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Where are you on The Meditative Path?
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  • The Beginner
  • The Intermediate
  • The Advanced
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What Others Say

Lorena Carbajal


Nathaniel's expertise and mastery of meditation helped me to clearly understand my practice more in-depth, not only on a spiritual level, but also in a more empirical way.

His warmth, authenticity, and contagious passion about this beautiful practice, makes him a truly inspirational teacher.

Paul Simons

it Consultant

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John Carter


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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll have a chance to ask any questions you might have during your consultation. But in the meanwhile, here are some important things worth knowing:

How does the consultation work?

  • After you fill out the contact form above, you'll get a confirmation email
  • I'll reply back as soon as I can, and answer consultation requests on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • When I do, we'll find a time for either a phone or zoom consultation...your choice!
  • Consultations are around 15 minutes and let us get to know each other and answer any questions you might have before proceeding

How do online lessons work?

  • If you'd like to proceed after your consultation, you can choose between weekly or individual lessons (more below)
  • Before we start lessons, we'll take care of some important details over email like payment, cancellations, scheduling, etc.
  • All lessons are done 1-on-1 in my password-protected Zoom room. This allows us to work together safely and securely to develop your practice.
  • All lessons are in Pacific Time (GMT -7:00)

What's VIP Email Support?

  • All current students will receive VIP Email support. This means that if you have a question come up in between lessons, you can email me! That way we can stay in contact, as needed, in-between lessons.
  • How is that VIP? Well, you'll also be given priority over other email requests I receive! I make sure to as available as possible for my students, and am dedicated to their ongoing practice.

Are there any risks?

  • In short, no! It's my goal to minimize any risks as much as possible for you.
  • Not only are all consultations FREE, but there is NO commitment required to book lessons. You can take as long as you need to make any decisions.
  • There are NO recurring charges! If you'd like to cancel weekly lessons at any point, any unredeemed lessons will be refunded to you.
  • We'll talk more about my cancellation policy during your consultation and how it applies to weekly vs individual lessons, but it's your standard policy (i.e. cancellations under 24 hrs are not subject to a refund, bundled lessons must be redeemed within 6 weeks of purchase, etc.)

What are your lesson recommendations?

Weekly vs. Individual Lessons:

  • At first, I highly recommend weekly lessons for ALL students. Not only will there be a lot of information to learn, but we'll need to address any imbalances in your practice based on where you're at in The Meditative Path.
  • Whenever you're looking to progress to a new stage in The Meditative Path, I recommend weekly lessons.
  • At some point in your practice, you'll need practice more than information, and occasional check-ups more than consistent assistance. This is a suitable time to switch to individual lessons as needed. But many students prefer the consistency and validation weekly lessons provide.
  • Sometimes I get a lot of requests from people who just need help making sense of what they're already doing. They're looking for a 1-time lesson for answers. In this case, I recommend individual lessons as needed.
  • But in general, I recommend weekly lessons for the additional benefits you'll get (more below).

Lesson Length:

  • All lessons and pricing are based on a 60 minute timeframe
  • 60 minutes is most ideal for many reasons. For one, conveying meditative phenomenon and experiences is significantly harder than you'd expect. We need time to really explore these things. Secondly, there's going to be lots of new information and techniques coming your way. And last but not least, sometimes we'll need time to practice a technique together in person. This can take a good chunk of time to learn adequately too.
  • If 60 minutes is of concern to you, let me know during your consultation and we can talk about other options.

Pricing Details

I offer 2 types of online lessons: Weekly and Individual

ALL lessons are 60 minutes over Zoom, come with VIP email support, and secure online payments.

But weekly lessons are meant to provide committed students with some additional benefits:

  • I'll reserve the same time slot for you each week to make scheduling consistent and easy.
  • You'll also get 4 lessons at a time, enough to cover about a month.
  • Don't worry, you're not permanently locked in to your time slot. If something comes up and you need to make an adjustment, we'll make it work.
  • You'll also save 33% on lessons, that's the equivalent of 1 lesson/month!





33% savings!

  • 4 lesson bundle
  • Reserved time slots
  • 60 minute lessons
  • VIP email support
  • Easy online payments



  • 1 lesson at a time
  • Schedule as you go
  • 60 minute lessons
  • VIP Email Support
  • Easy online payments

Limited Availability! Don't Wait!

I only accept so many students at once to ensure a high quality experienceIf you think this is right for you, I highly encourage you to get in touch with me ASAP to book your FREE consultation.