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5 Steps To Receive Undeniable Evidence From Spirit

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Does your mediumship feel like you have to really be feeling up for it that day?

Does the pressure to tap in and prove yourself make it hard to relax?

Do you question whether "this is just my brain making something up" or "that's probably not right" make the information you get come out a little fuzzy or not quite right?

Are you a purpose-driven medium who feels like their mediumship doesn't always feel super flowy and strong, like it's very circumstantial?

Listen, I get it... Sometimes you feel that flow, and nothing can stop you. And then sometimes, your mind is half there and a little fuzzy.

There's a lot of pressure to "get it right" and "show them you're capable of this" which makes it hard to relax.

Once you get the confirmation that what you're getting is right, everything else flows so smoothly.

You'll have some stuff that really resonates, and then some stuff that really doesn't make any sense.

You feel like a total failure when you can't make it a great experience for your sitter.

Imagine if you could channel undeniable evidence from Spirit, without having to be in the right mood.

  • Not just the right mood.
  • Feeling like you're totally comfortable, trusting, and relaxed.
  • Not just channeling.
  • Channeling where you're so open, information comes in really clear and fast.
  • Not just evidence.
  • No-doubt evidence that makes the person you're reading for know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that their loved one is present.

It's time to say good-bye to getting in your head, questioning things, and shutting down...

And time to say hello to mediumship that flows as naturally and easily as you know it can!

That’s why I created Mediumship That Flows™

A 14-week, one-on-one mentorship program that teaches you how to receive undeniable evidence from Spirit, without having to be in the right mood.

It was so wonderful to get feedback and hear what could strengthen my readings! It's funny because this evening I did exactly what we talked about and then went into the reading.

It was AMAZING! Information just came, and was flowing organically, and all spot on.


Medium + Reiki Healer


Listen, it's not your fault that you haven't consistently got undeniable evidence yet.

There’s a huge gap between being a new and professional medium, where classes and help just drops off and suddenly there’s… nothing.

There's very little help to help you navigate that stage of development.

That’s why I created the Mediumship That Flows™ mentorship program to solve that gap. In it, you’ll learn my proven framework called The FLOW Method to give no-doubt evidence, no matter how you feel that day.

The FLOW Method:

My proven framework to get undeniable evidence, without having to be in the right mood.

The mediums in my program use The FLOW Method to get "in the zone" even in challenging environments, to feel confident enough to put themselves out there, and overcome the pressure that stops you from relaxing and trusting that deep connection to Spirit.

Benefit 1

Get out of your head and stop questioning things by training your mind to become still, relaxed, and focused without getting lost in thoughts.

Benefit 2

Release the pressure, fear, insecurity, and self-doubt that shows up by training yourself to become present, receptive, and engaged through mindfulness.

Benefit 3

Create an open channel to Spirit by training yourself to access flow and sit in the power to effortlessly connect you to Spirit and your gifts.


Mediumship That Flows™ consists of 4 phases of training.

Here’s what you’ll learn over the 14 weeks:


Meditation is a KEY spiritual tool for mediumship development. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. Having a meditation practice that fits into your lifestyle and is a good match to you, ensures that you can develop the skill effortlessly.


Use my Meditation Matchup Quiz to help you find your ideal technique, so you don't have to force yourself into a "one size fits all" approach.


Discover how to effortlessly set up your practice to accommodate your lifestyle and preferences.


Learn my 3 Secrets of Consistency to help you meditate more regularly and build the skill without it feeling like a chore.


Learn the 3 Supportive Practices that make meditation more enjoyable and leads to greater success.


Get out of your head and stop questioning things by learning how to calm down, center yourself, and focus.


Discover what concentration REALLY means (it's not what you think!) so you can experience this beautiful state-of-being.


Learn how to still your mind with my 3E's: Conditions for Concentration to easily stay focused and engaged.


Learn how to use mindfulness to center yourself and become present so you don't get lost in your thoughts and distractions.


Learn my ARMR Technique to effectively deal with distractions so you can stay present.

PHASE 3 (5 weeks) | LET GO OF YOUR EGO

Release the pressure, fear, insecurity, and self-doubt that shows up by learning how to become present, receptive, and engaged through mindfulness.


Learn about The 5 Hindrances and how they make it hard to surrender to Spirit and create that open connection.


Apply The 5 Antidotes to help release the hindrances to find peace and clarity.


Explore your own forms of personal resistance with access to The Personal Resistance Kit to help you develop greater self-awareness.


BONUS: Enjoy a live Reiki session with me to heal any energetic and emotional blocks that may be affecting you. 


Create an open channel to Spirit by learning how to access flow to bulletproof your mind from stray thoughts and ego, and sit in the power to open yourself up to engage with Spirit.


Discover how to recognize and access spiritual flow that will make your readings effortless.


Learn Sitting In The Power and how to blend with Spirit to create an open and clear connection.


Learn how to receive information from Spirit without reaching for it, by asking 7 Leading Questions.


BONUS: You'll learn how to apply these techniques to your mediumship in a live Flow Demo, so you can understand how to use The FLOW Method in future readings.

You'll also get lifetime access to these bonuses:
Bonus 1

The Mediumship That Flows™ online course with all lessons, videos, workbooks, and bonuses.

bonus 2

How To Give Readings That Flow video training.

bonus 3

How To Restart A Meditation Practice video training.

bonus 4

How To Surrender guided meditation.

Here’s everything you get with Mediumship That Flows™

A one-on-one mentorship program for 14 weeks that includes:

12 zoom lessons (up to an hour each week)
2 live bonus sessions (reiki + demo)
Lifetime access to the Mediumship That Flows™ online course
3 bonus video trainings
Access to the Personal Resistance Kit (workbook + cheat sheet)
Access to the Meditation Matchup Quiz (designed exclusively for this program)

You also get any updated lessons and bonuses for free with lifetime access to the online course!

I'm regularly evolving the program to help developing mediums get out of their heads and give readings that flow.

That means if I modify the lessons, or add in any extra bonus lessons, you'll receive all of that for FREE!

Nathaniel helped me find a meditation practice that is going to really help me grow within my development. And this is the MOST grounded I have ever felt. Ever. Ever. Ever.

I can't even describe to you the way that I fell right now in my body. And I have tried many, many things; and I love many, many things. But this particular meditation practice... I just sunk in and it was exactly what I needed.

Amanda L.

Intuitive Medium



The Investment For Mediumship That Flows Is

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One-time payment

(save $300)

  • Full 14 week program
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • 12 zoom lessons
  • 2 live bonus sessions
  • Access to the online course
  • All bonuses included

All prices are in USD.





4 Monthly Payments

  • Full 14 week program
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • 12 zoom lessons
  • 2 live bonus sessions
  • Access to the online course
  • All bonuses included

All prices are in USD.

Here's what happens next:

I have a very relaxed "enroll if you want" process. Plus, get a free copy of my Reading Warmup guided meditation when you apply!


Submit Your Application

Use the button above to fill out an application and get a free copy of my Reading Warmup guided meditation!

You don’t need to know if Mediumship That Flows™ is right for you yet. The Mediumship Roadmap Call in Step 2 will help you figure that out. When in doubt, apply!


Book Your Mediumship Roadmap Call

Once your application is processed, I’ll email you a link to book your 45-minute call.

We’ll discuss what the roadmap looks like for you to achieve your goals with mediumship. We’ll also go over any questions you have about the Mediumship That Flows™ mentorship program if you have any.


Enroll In Mediumship That Flows™ (or not)!

While this is the process in order to work with me, I keep the whole thing super relaxed. There are no deadlines to enroll! 

I'm here to support you with your mediumship development. If my mentorship program is right for you, I trust you'll make that decision. If not, no hard feelings!

Check out what these past clients are saying:

Aurelle G.

Psychic Medium


I realized very rapidly that my fears had no foundation.

Meditation was quite intimidating to me, since my knowledge on the subject was limited to what I learned on phone apps. Nathaniel is a fantastic mentor who is incredibly personable. His passion comes alive through his lessons, and his teachings are structured amazingly, allowing even beginners to understand the assignments and the steps to succeed. Everything is clear, to the point, and never does one feel inadequate.

Nathaniel’s deep knowledge and understanding gave me great insights on how to improve my practice while answering all my questions I couldn’t find online.

I had many questions about my practice and the particular experiences I was having. His expertise and mastery of meditation helped me to clearly understand my practice in a more in-depth way, not only at a spiritual level, but a more empirical one. Nathaniel’s warm, authentic, and contagious passion about this beautiful practice makes him a truly inspirational teacher.

Lorena C.

Psychic Medium + Therapist

Charlotte N.

Reiki Master

Nathaniel’s step-by-step process makes quieting one’s mind easy, especially if they come at everything with a very analytical mindset.

He makes meditation something that feels doable. He teaches it with clear steps so it’s less vague, which makes it feel more attainable.

I know I’ve connected with Spirit before, but I had no idea there was a tangible process with steps on how to do it. And do it better than before!

I thought I already knew how to meditate, but I can now say I definitely did not. I didn’t know that ‘I didn’t know what I was doing.’ I learned way more about meditating and connecting than I ever have, and now I have a process to follow whenever I need it.

Michelle C.

Traditional Astrologer + Reiki Master




The Modern Monks Promise:

If you're not happy, I'm not happy.

Due to the personal nature of this kind of work, having obstacles and challenges throughout the 14 weeks is not uncommon, but we’ll be sure to work through them together. I’m more than happy to discuss any challenges during our check-in periods to make sure you’re happy with your results.

However, I DO NOT offer refunds on my services.

It doesn't matter if you're new to your gifts, or have been honing them for years. If you're determined to improve your mediumship, this program will make that happen!

I promise you’re not as bad at this as you think! Meditation and mediumship are natural skills anyone can learn. You don’t even need to silence your mind to make this work.

You won’t always have the perfect environment for mediumship. That’s one of the many reasons why meditation is an invaluable training tool for mediumship, because thoughts and distractions are always something you’ll have to deal with.

You CAN do this! I know it might not feel that way, but you’re never going to feel ready when you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone and grow. It’s always scary!

Mediumship That Flows™ will easily fit into your busy life.

I’ve designed the whole program to be sustainable. I’ll help you set doable goals, and implement micro-changes each week to slowly build up your practice.

The idea is that you only have to invest a limited amount of time each week into your mediumship development with:

  • 1 zoom lesson a week (up to an hour) for 14 weeks
  • 3-5 days of meditation practice on your own for up to 30 mins (by the end of the program)

And that’s only so you have enough time to learn how to access spiritual flow! Once it’s a familiar skill, you’ll be able to access it in as little as 5-10 minutes.

With lifetime access to the online course, you can explore all the bonuses, workbooks, and notes on your own time whenever you want.

5 months from now, you'll wish you started today.

The average medium falls into a cycle of continuous development looking for that breakthrough that makes them feel confident in their abilities.

It’s not uncommon to spend upwards of $250+ for a one-day group workshop, or $3,000+ on a long-term mentorship program. Otherwise, you’re left piecing together snippets of information from free resources.

The downfall of this is that you have to learn a new method every time, you have to share your time with others, and you don’t get the personalized work and consistency that lets you dive deep into certain habits. There’s no magic answer at this stage of development.

At the end of the day, this program will save you money and help you break that cycle by teaching you how to get out of the way of your mediumship.

There's no time like the present.

Personal and spiritual development takes time. Because of this, I only take on a limited number of clients to ensure the highest quality possible. If my schedule is full, you’ll have to wait up to 4 months before being able to join.

The special launch bonus is also only available for the next 5 applicants before the investment doubles.

Remember… if you’re unsure, apply! You don’t need to know if Mediumship That Flows™ is right for you yet. The Mediumship Roadmap Call will help you figure that out.


Developing Mediums

New Mediums

Semi-professional Mediums

Trance Mediums

Intuitive Mediums




Reiki Masters

Trance Healers



14 Weeks From Now, You Will...

Use a framework that guides your development, without restricting your unique way of practicing mediumship.

Masterfully release any fear, pressure, nerves, and self-doubt so it doesn’t get in the way of your readings.

Have enough self-trust and confidence to put yourself out there and start giving more readings (or taking classes).

Know your process so well that you can give clear and accurate readings in every circumstance (even for yourself).

Know exactly how to get ourself in that right mindset so your readings flow effortlessly.

Feel excited to practice with your circle instead of it taking so much out of you.

Live a life that feels whole, aligned, and more deeply connected to Spirit.

Hi there!

If we haven't met yet, I'm Nathaniel Epting.

I'm a spiritual mentor, meditation teacher, and cofounder of Modern Monks.

I’ve been on my spiritual journey for over 13 years now, learning to trust and work with my Spirit team. They’ve guided me along the way, revealing opportunities for growth and spiritual knowledge that have taken me all over the world, learning many incredible skills along the way.

I've studied mediumship at many spiritual centers, including the esteemed Arthur Findlay College online.

I have over 71 days of formal meditation retreat experience, and have logged over 860 hours of meditation in total.

During that time, I’ve been taught how to access advanced altered states of consciousness (the Jhanas) through meditation by a leading expert in the field; as well as non-dual, open-awareness practices (MahaSati) by a highly-trained teacher of the Thai Forest Lineage and Insight Meditation Society.

I’m also a certified Reiki Master (Usui Ryoho style), and an advanced qigong practitioner (Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue style). Oh, and I also got my BA from UC Irvine (zot zot zot!) in 2012.

And when I’m not busy learning new things, I’m passionately helping developing mediums learn how to channel undeniable evidence from Spirit, without having to be in the right mood.

Nathaniel Epting


How much time will it take me each week?

In order to get the most out of Mediumship That Flows™ it’s recommended you have 3.5 hours to spend each week (including both lesson time and practice time).

In the first week of the program I expect you to practice on your own starting at 10 mins for 3 days/week. We’ll sustainably build that up to 30 mins for 5 days/week by the end of the program.

We meet weekly for lessons, and each one lasts up to an hour depending on how much coaching time is needed.

How long to i need to meditate for to see results?

At first you will need about 30 minutes to learn how to access spiritual flow. This ensures you have enough time to settle in, get concentrated, and release any personal resistance.

But you will definitely get used to it. When that happens, It’s not uncommon to access it in as little as 5-10 mins.

If you stop practicing for an extended amount of time, have a bad day, or don’t follow all the steps, you’ll need to double down on your practice again.

Am I ready for this program if i've never given a mediumship reading before?

Yes! I believe everyone possesses these gifts, regardless of experience. You’ll have an incredibly solid foundation to use to begin exploring your mediumship more in depth.

Is this program for me if i'm already a working medium?

If you need help with the business aspect and are completely confident in your methods and happy with the readings you give, then no. But if you’re having troubles with consistency and clarity within your readings, then this program will definitely help!

Can you guarantee results?

The method I teach is a proven method used in many advanced meditation programs. In fact, spiritual flow is a prerequisite for even deeper states.

I can guarantee that if you diligently follow the techniques and steps I give you, you’ll learn how to access spiritual flow and use it to level-up your mediumship. But I can’t guarantee anything on Spirit’s end.

Even the best mediums have evidence that doesn't land and give bad readings every now and then. But you can learn to improve your accuracy and consistency by learning how to get out of the way and trust yourself with the techniques taught in this program.

How long do I have access to the mentorship program?

You’ll have lifetime access to the Mediumship That Flows™ online course. It has all lessons, videos, workbooks, and bonuses.

Our time together over zoom is limited though. You’ll have a total of 12 one-on-one lessons with me, plus 2 live bonuses (the reiki healing and the demo session).

How do the live bonuses work?

We’ll meet the same way over zoom as we usually would. But instead of coaching and teaching time, we’ll jump right into the reiki healing, or the live demo.

Is there a limited number of spots?

Yes! I only take on 10 clients at a time to ensure the highest quality possible. If my spots are full, you can apply now to secure your spot on the waitlist and will start the training at a future date when one becomes available.

Learn to channel undeniable evidence from Spirit, without having to be in the right mood.