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I have a very relaxed "enroll if you want" process.


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You don't need to know if Mediumship That Flows™ is right for you yet. The Mediumship Roadmap Call will help you figure that out. When you apply, you'll get a copy of my Reading Warmup guided meditation!


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My schedule fills up quickly, and it's important to me to host these calls personally. I recommend booking your call ASAP once you have the link.


Mediumship Roadmap Call with Nathaniel

During this 45-minute call, we'll discuss what the roadmap looks like for you to achieve your goals with mediumship. We'll also go over any questions you have about the Mediumship That Flows™ mentorship program.


enroll in Mediumship That Flows™ (or not)!

While this is the process in order to work with me, I keep the whole thing super relaxed. There are no deadlines to enroll! We don't even have to talk about the program on your call if you don't want to.

I'm here to support you with your mediumship development. If my mentorship program is right for you, I trust you'll make that decision. If not, no hard feelings!


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*We are a values-based business and it is absolutely vital that we only work with clients who align with these values. We explicitly value basic human rights. We do not tolerate racism or hate speech in our community or any of our programs. These values are in place to cultivate an inclusive program that's safe for all participants.

We are unable to help clients work through any diagnosable medical or mental health issues (ex: depression or anxiety).

Your application to enroll in our program is an implicit agreement with these values.

What Others Are Saying

Amanda L.

intuitive medium

Nathaniel helped me find a meditation practice that is going to really help me grow within my mediumship development. I have tried many, many things; and I love many, many things. But this particular meditation practice... I just sunk in and it was exactly what I needed.


medium & Reiki healer

It was so wonderful to get feedback and hear what could strengthen my readings! It's funny because this evening [...] I did exactly what we talked about and then went into the reading. It was AMAZING! Information just came, and was flowing organically, and all spot on.

Michelle C.

astrologer & Reiki healer

I know I've connected with Spirit before, but I had no idea there were tangible steps on how to do it. I thought I already knew how to meditate, but I can now say I definitely did not. I learned way more about connecting than I ever have, and now I have a process to follow whenever I need it.