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Open Awareness

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The main goal of open awareness is to collect and center yourself - your energy, thoughts, and focus - by opening up to a wide field of experience and remaining aware of the collective field more than the individual experiences.

In other words, we make awareness the object of our focus, more than any particular sensation. It takes what you’d typically expect of a focus-based meditation technique and flips it around! By doing so, we’re learning to observe awareness itself.

Benefits of Open Awareness

Open awareness has a unique combination of benefits that make it particularly effective:

It's Highly Observational

Our goal is to tune into and rest in a broad field of awareness that observes all things. Being so aware like this is engaging, which causes high levels of focus, concentration, and collectedness.

Its Focus Is Open & Inclusive

Instead of using our attention to tune into a particular object like the breath, we rest in awareness which is much more inclusive and open. This promotes a sense of rejuvenation and peace. 

It Balances Awareness & Attention

Both are different functions of the mind, but we tend to go through life much more attention-dominant. With open awareness, we’re taking some time to focus on awareness, which bring them more in harmony.

It Promotes Less Reactivity

By becoming so aware and tuned-in, we develop greater mindfulness. This helps us bring more patience and care to all the difficulties and disturbances that usually bother us.

"Open awareness is like coming across an awe-inspiring vista. You see it and it takes your breath away. You can’t help but soak it all up at once before noticing all the details. It’s just one big, pretty view!"

Open Awareness At A Glance

We'll dive into all the details of how to do open awareness in the email course, but here's what it all comes down to:

1. Choiceless attention

Before we can even get to developing our awareness, we have to learn how to train our attention in a way that’s supportive of our end goal. With choiceless attention, it doesn’t matter what we pay attention to, as long as we’re mindfully aware of it.

You might focus on the feelings of an itch, a sound outside, or a thought in one moment, and in another, change to something else. Instead of coming back to the same thing over and over again, like the breath, just let attention do its thing and remain mindful the whole time.

2. engaging awareness

This is ultimately an awareness-based technique, so we need to learn how to disengage and “let go” of our attention and tune into awareness instead.

At some point while practicing choiceless attention, you’re going to notice gaps where you’re mindfully waiting for attention to tune into something else. In these gaps, you’re becoming familiar with what it’s like to tune into awareness itself.

3. balancing attention & Awareness

When the field of awareness opens up to you, you’re going to have shifted from an attention-dominant mindset to an awareness-dominant one. It’s going to be unfamiliar and a little awkward at first!

Your attention is going to try and make sense of it all, try to define it, or find something to focus on instead. Whenever that happens, we have to release it and open back up to that awareness.

What Others Say


This is an absolutely wild technique that has really helped me find my center without zoning out or over concentrating.

Mary R. 

 / Teacher


Open awareness is such a refreshing meditation technique because it's so unlike the majority of techniques you hear about.

Ray B.

/ Realitor


I never once felt like I was concentrating with open awareness, yet I get just as engaged and focused as if I just did a guided meditation!

Stacey M.

/ Bartender

Nathaniel Epting

And I'll be your coach throughout this course! It’s my hope that this next-level training program will really help you out, no matter if you’re completely new, trying formal meditation techniques for the first time, or returning back to meditation after some time off.

At the end of the day, I want to help spiritual seekers gain clearer access to their intuitive abilities through self discovery and a progressive meditation practice, so that they can experience higher consciousness for themselves. This training program is your first step into a much larger world!

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