Spiritual Checkup Calls

Let's find out what's blocking your connection to your intuitive gifts, higher self, and Source.

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I'm hosting 10 free "Spiritual Checkup" calls until December 2nd.

Yep, you read that right!

This year we've been incredibly excited to relaunch Modern Monks. And at the heart of it, we're fully committed to helping you get the spiritual results you've been dreaming about.

That's why I've decided to do something wild and spontaneous: I've cleared out my calendar and made space to host 10 "spiritual checkup" calls until December 2nd.

Would you like to join me on this journey?

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I'm hosting 10 calls to help 10 spiritually-experienced practitioners thrive in their "zone of genius." 

What is a Spiritual Checkup Call?

Those of us already working with our intuitive-gifts and Spirit often struggle to make a clear and consistent connection. Let's figure out why together:


We'll figure out what part of your connection feels most blocked.

Are you having a hard time shutting off your monkey mind? Can you not tell if it's you or spirit? Is your connection fuzzy? Are you feeling emotionally disconnected? Let's narrow in on what's at the core of it all.


I'll show you the EXACT next steps you can take to clear that blockage.

Great, we found the blockage. Now what? Let me give you the next actionable steps immediately available to you to clear that out. If you commit to these steps, you'll find you have a much easier connection than before.


We'll create a step-by-step map you can follow to keep that clear connection.

Now that we've got your connection clearly established again, let's create a step-by-step map that help you maintain that connection consistently. That way you can thrive in your "zone of genius." 

At the end of our call, you'll have a clear plan of action on how to create a clear connection to your higher self, intuitive gifts, and Source so that you can thrive in your "zone of genius."

10 free 1:1 calls?! Absolutely! Here's why:

We JUST relaunched Modern Monks.

A lot of you have followed us while we were nestled away, focused on our own spiritual development. Now that we're ready to resurface, I want to go all out on what I do best: TEACHING.

We learned some really cool stuff while we were gone.

We got hyper focused on formal meditation and how that tied into better connecting with our intuitive gifts, higher self, guides, and Source. This is information that's just not readily available and NEEDS to be shared!

I love making "woo" tangible and grounded.

So many practitioners get overwhelmed by all the "out there" practices and concepts. I love bringing a new perspective that makes it easier to process and implement that information. We'll speak to both your head and heart for ultimate satisfaction!

I've been in your shoes! #relatable

I've read the entire "New Age" section at Barnes & Noble. I've struggled to hear my guides and use my intuitive-gifts. I've trained for out-of-body experiences and energy work (reiki and qigong). You want to learn it? Well, I've probably studied it. Which leads me to...

I know the thread all those practices share.

Believe it or not, my success in all those practices skyrocketed when I made one key shift: I started taking an internal approach over an external one, since I was the constant in anything I practiced.

I would love to hear YOUR sticking points.

I'm honing in on my teaching framework, but to make it as effective as possible, I need to know what others are struggling with. Plus it lets me give you immediate feedback so you don't have to wait for some product-launch down the road. It's a win-win!

What they say

Nathaniel is a fantastic mentor. His passion comes alive through his lessons. His teachings are structured amazingly allowing even beginners to understand the steps to succeed. Never does one feel inadequate.

Aurelle G.

Nathaniel's warmth, authenticity, and contagious passion make him a truly inspirational teacher. His expertise and mastery helped me to clearly understand my practice more in-depth, not only on a spiritual level, but also in a more empirical way.

Lorena c.


It's time to have a clear plan of action on how to create a clear connection to your higher self, intuitive gifts, and Source so that you can thrive in your "zone of genius."

I'm SO excited to chat with you. I take these calls as seriously as if you paid $200+ for them.

But all I ask in return is this:

Show up on time and ready to dive in.

If you need to cancel last minute, you can still reschedule as long as there's still availability. Please do so at least 24 hours in advance.

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