I want to help you get a quick win with your spiritual development so you can channel crystal-clear messages from Spirit and easily access your intuitive gifts.

Does your connection to Spirit feel muddy or foggy? Like the information is heavy and harder to reach? 

Does your mind keep commenting on the information you receive? Is it questioning where you've heard the evidence before, or is it trying to interpret the messages?

Does your self-doubt and fear show up through negative self-talk making you feel vulnerable, hesitant, and closed off?

If so, no worries! I gotchu.

I'm hosting 10 free "Mediumship Breakthrough" calls through the end of March.

Yep, you read that right!

We recently relaunched Modern Monks, and at the heart of it, we're fully committed to helping you get the spiritual results you've been dreaming about.

That's why I've decided to do something totally spontaneous: I've cleared out my schedule and made space to host 10 "Mediumship Breakthrough" calls.

Would you like to join me? I'd love to chat!

Come book a call!

I'm hosting 10 free calls to help 10 psychic mediums and intuitives get a quick win with their spiritual development.

(It doesn't matter if you're new to your gifts or have honed them for years!) 

A "Mediumship Breakthrough" Call Is:

A 30 minute coaching session, where you'll learn how to overcome the biggest obstacle affecting your gifts.

The biggest challenge you're facing is coming from one of these areas:

Area 1 - Muddy Connection
  • Your connection to Spirit feels muddy or foggy.
  • The information feels heavy and is harder to reach.
  • You're not sure how your gifts manifest in mediumship and don't know what to look for.
  • You're really relaxed and falling into trance easily, but can't make sense of the messages.
  • The messages are too metaphorical to understand.
Area 2 - Talkative Mind
  • Your mind won't stop commenting on the messages.
  • Your mind questions if & where you've heard the messages before.
  • You're only getting snippets of messages or feelings.
  • Your mind interprets the messages instead of delivering what they give you.
  • You're unsure what thoughts are coming from you vs. them.
Area 3 - Personal Conditioning
  • You're creating stories out of the messages or "filling in the details" with your own perception.
  • Negative self-talk is shutting you down.
  • Self-doubt causes you to want more proof, despite getting amazing pieces of evidence and moments of synchronicity.
  • You have some fear of the spirits you're working with, or the people you're reading for.
At the end of your call, you'll know exactly what obstacle to watch out for and how to overcome it so you're able to channel crystal-clear messages from Spirit and easily access your intuitive gifts.

Here's what happens next:


Book Your Call

Use the buttons to schedule your coaching call with me using Calendly. Choose from any of the available times and dates shown.


Check Your Email

I'll send you a confirmation email with a zoom link for our call. Set a notification so you're reminded ahead of time for it.


Show Up

Use the zoom link in the confirmation email to join the call at your scheduled date and time, and come ready to dive in!

10 free coaching calls?! Absolutely! Here's why:

I want to teach you the secrets I've learned.

After 12+ years of searching for answers through multiple "you are psychic" classes, "evidential mediumship" workshops, and "deepening your trance" seminars, I found an effective method that covered the missing steps I needed to succeed. Turns out they did exist, they just weren't where I was looking! 

I want to help you spread more good in the world.

As a developing psychic medium, intuitive, and spiritual seeker you've already put a lot of work into your personal and spiritual growth. You have a kind heart and a desire to put more good in the world. I want to help you accomplish that mission!

I want you to know it's possible to create change.

I knew the skills I learned would help practitioners like you break through your barriers and redefine what's possible with Spirit's help so you can reach new heights. You don't have to get caught in a development cycle with no way forward.

What they say

Nathaniel is a fantastic mentor. His passion comes alive through his lessons. His teachings are structured amazingly allowing even beginners to understand the steps to succeed. Never does one feel inadequate.

Aurelle G.

Nathaniel's warmth, authenticity, and contagious passion make him a truly inspirational teacher. His expertise and mastery helped me to clearly understand my practice more in-depth, not only on a spiritual level, but also in a more empirical way.

Lorena c.


I'm excited to help you get that breakthrough you need to channel crystal-clear messages from Spirit and easily access your intuitive gifts.

I take these calls as seriously as if you've paid $100+ for them.

But all I ask in return is this:

Show up on time and ready to dive in.

If you need to cancel last minute, you can still reschedule as long as there's still availability. Please do so at least 24 hours in advance.