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Discover The FLOW Method in this mediumship training

Discover my proven, 5 step process to receive undeniable evidence from Spirit, without having to be in the right mood! You'll also learn the 2 biggest mistakes mediums make when they try to receive evidence and what to do instead.

Attend a live Trance Teaching Series™ workshop online

Come experience a live workshop like you've never seen before! Kelly will go into trance and let our guides, Freya and Hecate, come through to share wisdom, impart healing, and show you new ways to take your spiritual development even further.


Apply for a private mediumship mentorship program

Apply for this 14-week private mentorship program that teaches you how to confidently channel information from Spirit that flows easily and makes sense every time.

Book a private Trance Guidance or Trance Healing session

Book a private trance channeling session with Kelly and her master guides for either healing or guidance. Each session lasts up to an hour online over zoom and includes a recording.

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