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Our free training consists of a placement quiz and personalized email course! First, the quiz will identify the best core practice for you. Then, the email course will teach you everything you need to get started.

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Train with Nathaniel 1-on-1 over Zoom to grow your practice from the ground up, navigate common obstacles, overcome limiting mindsets, and learn a key meditative state to help you access higher consciousness.

Learn About the Meditative Path

Check out this article to learn more about our process-based approach to meditation, and at what point you'll have the skills necessary to access a key meditative state that will enhance your natural intuitive abilities.

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Meditation is a natural skill that anyone can learn to develop. And while there’s plenty of information out there about why we

The Meditative Path: Our Process-Based Approach To Learning Meditation

With the growing success of the Star Wars universe under Disney’s guidance, it’s certainly a great time to be a Star Wars fan. From new

15 Brilliant Life Lessons Star Wars Has Taught Us

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