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Most Common Questions

These are the most common questions I get about the training that apply to ALL core practices. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please ask below in the comments!

What posture should I use?

Whichever one you feel most comfortable in! All the main postures are doable: sitting, lying down, standing, and walking.

You don't want to be stressing about your posture. You want to be able to get comfortable and have enough support to focus on your practice instead.

Ideally you'd have an upright spine because it helps keep the mind and body engaged and awake, which makes sitting the most ideal. I like to use a pillow or cushion for comfort and support.

When should I meditate?

I'd rather see you meditate whenever you're able to fit it into your schedule. That being said, consistency really helps create a habit. Here are some helpful tips:

Morning- Probably the most ideal. It's best to practice before you get swept up in the day's activities. But let yourself wake up and have a cup of coffee or tea first. (But not too much, otherwise those thoughts will run wild!)

Afternoon- This can be a great time to practice! The only thing to watch out for are natural crashes in energy levels caused by our circadian rhythms. If this happens take a short nap, or have some coffee and tea to help balance energy levels out.

Evening- For some, this will allow for the most consistency. It can be challenging to set thoughts aside after a full day, but with practice you'll settle in. Just don't practice right before bed, as your mind and body have been programed to sleep!

Can I eat or drink before meditation?

Absolutely! Just don't eat a huge meal or drink too much water, otherwise you might find your energy levels drop, or you have some physical discomfort due to digestion.

That being said, for a more formal training system like The Meditative Path, it's best to practice fully sober so we can work with as clear of a mind as possible. Partake in any vices another time.

How long should I meditate for?

I'm very reluctant to give specific time requirements for meditation. With my coaching clients, I prefer to let it develop naturally and organically. Sometimes you need to add more days, sometimes small jumps of time.

That being said, for The Novice phase, you should aim to meditate for a minimum of 3 days a week for 15 minutes.

How do I stop falling asleep in practice?

If you're truly sleep deprived, this will be hard to fix without addressing better sleeping habits first.

Try meditating with some caffeine in you. Not so much that you cause restlessness and too many thoughts, but not so little that you can't stay awake. If you need something stronger, consider practicing in a standing position.

Energy levels are something I introduce in The Beginner phase of The Meditative Path. If you would like more help troubleshooting this, consider applying to work with me 1-on-1!

I can't stop fidgeting. Help!

Fidgeting is common at first! Our minds and bodies aren't used to slowing down and focusing inward, so we have far more energy than we do concentration and focus. This imbalance causes the restlessness.

Most of the time it works itself out in a few weeks with consistent practice. For now, if you need to move or scratch an itch, do so! Just be mindfully aware of yourself doing it and come right back to your technique.

Restlessness beyond this is a bigger problem that I address in The Intermediate phase of The Meditative Path. It can definitely be a hindering mindset!

Am I supposed to concentrate hard?

Absolutely not! The Meditative Path is a more formal system of practice, and as such, is steeped in Buddhist roots. The word they use is samadhi, which often gets translated as concentration.

Instead of thinking of concentration as a "furrowed brow" sense of focus, think of it more as a sense of collectedness and engagement.

The more collected and engaged we are around a task (your technique) the more centered we feel. When we approach this with the right amount of effort (relaxed diligence), we tend to have strong levels of concentration naturally!

What's next after this training program?

"You CAN Meditate!" is just the beginning! After getting comfortable with your technique and developing consistency in your practice habits, you'll be ready to graduate from The Novice phase and ready for The Beginner phase of The Meditative Path.

Stay tuned! I have some special projects in the works that will help with the next steps.

But for now, apply to train with me 1-on-1! I'd be happy to help you navigate the next phases of practice. :)

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If you have any questions that aren't listed above, please ask below in the comments. I personally respond to each one and love the discussion!

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