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Loving Kindness

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The main goal of loving kindness is to collect and center yourself - your energy, thoughts, and focus - by radiating positive energy and kindness towards others.

In other words, it's the openness of heart that simply wishes well for other beings. By doing so, we're learning to tune into and access the heart center, or the feeling center, of the body.  

Benefits of Loving Kindness

Loving kindness has a unique combination of benefits that make it particularly effective:

It's Highly Engaging

We're leading our minds through different personal connections to share warm intentions. This kind of engagement causes high levels of focus, concentration, and collectedness.

Its Focus Is Open & Inclusive

Radiating positive feelings outwards towards others not only makes this technique highly inclusive, but promotes a sense of openness and interconnectivity that is gentle on the mind.

It Rebalances Energy & Grounds

Having a goal gives direction and purpose that makes it easy to show up with enough energy, while the tactile sensations put our focus back on our bodies instead of our heads.

It Promotes Less Reactivity

By practicing openness of the heart and choosing to see the good in people, we develop more patience and care with the difficulties and disturbances that usually bother us.

"Sharing loving kindness is like using a candle to light another. It isn't extinguished by doing so, it just spreads more light!"

Loving Kindness At A Glance

We'll dive into all the details of how to do loving kindness in the email course, but here's what it all comes down to:

1. The Core structure

This is an exercise in opening the heart through our sense of interconnectivity, no matter how subtle it might be. You're going to be sending loving kindness too: people who are easy to love, acquaintances, difficult people, yourself, and the whole world.

It’s important to remember that we’re not trying to force any feelings. You want them to come from a genuine connection to that person, and share what is there.

2. Working with negative emotions that can arise

Now for many different reasons, despite your attempts to cultivate an open and free heart, certain difficult emotions might surface that promote the opposite. This is normal, and to be expected within this practice, particularly around more challenging categories.

When that happens we just want to approach it in a way that’s conducive to self-healing and lightheartedness, as opposed to avoiding it, over-indulging it, or suppressing it.

3. Personal variations

We’re going to look at three different variations of loving kindness that use the same core structure, by engaging with different senses.

You're going to learn how to apply a visual-based approach, a feeling-based approach, and a sound-based approach. No matter what your skill set is, you'll find a way to do loving kindness that works for you!

What Others Say


I didn't realize meditation could be so fun! Long gone are the days of sitting in silence waiting for something to happen.

Samira V. 

 / Marketing


Loving kindness has really brought a more open and gentle approach to not only my meditation practice, but my daily life.

Rodney E.

/ Engineer


I get the best of both worlds with loving kindness! I feel more connected to the world around me and gain a sense of focus in meditation.

Desiree R.

/ Fashion Consultant

Nathaniel Epting

And I'll be your coach throughout this course! It’s my hope that this next-level training program will really help you out, no matter if you’re completely new, trying formal meditation techniques for the first time, or returning back to meditation after some time off.

At the end of the day, I want to help spiritual seekers gain clearer access to their intuitive abilities through self discovery and a progressive meditation practice, so that they can experience higher consciousness for themselves. This training program is your first step into a much larger world!

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