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Guided Meditations

These meditations are only meant to be training wheels to help you get a feel for the technique. To truly benefit from meditation, you must learn to develop the skills on your own.

Track 1: Choiceless Attention

In this track you'll learn how to train your attention in a way that's supportive for our end goals. (Day 3 of the email course.)

Track 2: Engaging Awareness

In this track you'll learn how to switch from using attention to awareness. (Day 4 of the email course.)

Track 3: Balancing Attention + Awareness

In this track you'll learn how to flip between both mind modes so you can sit in open awareness longer. (Day 5 of the email course.)

Track 4: Effort + Distractions

In this track you'll learn how to work with distractions that pop up, and how to approach things with the right amount of effort. (Day 6 of the email course.)


The main goal of open awareness is to collect and center yourself - your energy, thoughts, and focus - by opening up to a wide field of experience and remaining aware of the collective field more than the individual experiences.

Helpful Handouts

The Meditative Path Visualized

See the bigger picture "You CAN Meditate!" using this map. You'll understand how this training program ties into a much larger journey.

Step-by-Step To Open Awareness

This guide will help you understand the step-by-step flow your meditation practice should look like by the time you finish the email course.

How To Manage Distractions

Use this guide to learn how to deal with any distractions that come up while you're meditating.

The Core Structure Of Open Awareness

This will help you understand how to flow from choiceness attention to open awareness (steps 3 and 4 of the step-by-step handout).


Open awareness is like coming across an awe-inspiring vista. You see it and it takes your breath away. You can’t help but soak it all up at once before noticing all the details. It’s just one big, pretty view!

Useful Articles

Here are some further areas of exploration that we didn't have time to discuss in the email course that will greatly benefit your practice:

(More coming soon!)

1. The Meditative Path: Our process-based approach to learning meditation

Through our own research, experience, and understanding we’ve structured how to learn meditation into 4 progressive phases. Identifying where you’re at will give you clear areas to focus on within your practice so you can continue to develop your practice and experience some of the wonderful and uplifting states meditation has to offer.

2. How to set up insight timer to help with accountability + consistency

I'll be showing you how to set up the app "Insight Timer" to get the most out of its features in order to help with both accountability and consistency in your meditation practice.

3. How to set up your external environment to find your best meditation routine

I'll be showing you how to combine a multitude of options, like posture and the best time of day to practice, to hone in on the best meditation routine for you. 

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