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Body Scanning

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The main goal of body scanning is to collect and center yourself - your energy, thoughts, and focus - by bringing your attention to various parts of the body and seeing what sensations are there.

In other words, you're learning to tune into and focus on the subtle energies and sensations of the body. As you concern yourself less with the thoughts and sensations around you, and focus more on the tactile sensations unfolding in the body, you’ll find it easier to stay engaged with the task at hand.

Benefits of Body Scanning

Body scanning has a unique combination of benefits that make it particularly effective:

It's Highly Engaging

When we shift our attention to a specific area while looking for sensations, our mind has an easier time playing along. It won’t be as concerned with other things, since it has a specific task to accomplish!

Its Focus Is Narrow

We’re also cultivating sensitivity and awareness of subtle energies and sensations all over the body. This makes it a very active and precise technique, which leads to a strong sense of collectedness.

It Rebalances Energy

If you struggle with falling asleep, getting spacey, or zoning out, body scanning will reenergize the mind. If you find yourself bored, restless, and easily distracted, body scanning will give direction and purpose to the energy you already possess.

It's Naturally Grounding

It takes us out of our heads and puts our focus back on our bodies. By observing what subtle sensations are there, it rebalances the body and mind which leads to a more centered and clear way of being.

"Body scanning bridges the mind and body together through tactile sensations, no matter how subtle they might be. It brings us into the present and allows us to develop a strong sense of being centered."

Body Scanning At A Glance

We'll dive into all the details of how to do body scanning in the email course, but here's what it all comes down to:

1. highlighting an area

Despite all the actual “looking” at various areas of the body, you won’t be opening your eyes at all. Instead, you’ll be trying to feel and sense that area the best you can by bringing your attention to it.

At first you might not feel much, because that mind-body connection is weak in that area. But in time, and with consistent practice, you’ll begin to sense more and more as the connection develops!

2. labeling sensations

We need to acknowledge what sensations are there after we highlight an area of the body. We do this by labeling and acknowledging what sensations are present. This is usually a mental note around 1-2 words that describes what you feel, even if there's nothing.

We don’t need to make sensations appear to make this an effective meditation technique. We just have to stick with the act of diligently scanning.

3. scanning the body

We want to break down the scanning process into smaller chunks because the greater the area you’re scanning, and the faster you do so, the harder it is to feel all the subtle energies and sensations that are there.

We also want to find the right flow to it too so we don’t get lost waiting for sensations, or move so quickly that we miss what’s there.

What Others Say


I didn't realize meditation could be so fun! Long gone are the days of sitting in silence waiting for something to happen.

Samira V.

 / Marketing


Body scanning has really helped me stay more engaged and focused when I meditate, even though I used to have a tendency to fall asleep!

Christina J.

/ Server


Body scanning takes the pressure off of wondering what I'm supposed to do in meditation. Instead, it lets me be fully engaged with what I'm doing, and makes me feel present and centered.

Marc G.

/ Sales

Nathaniel Epting

And I'll be your coach throughout this course! It’s my hope that this next-level training program will really help you out, no matter if you’re completely new, trying formal meditation techniques for the first time, or returning back to meditation after some time off.

At the end of the day, I want to help spiritual seekers gain clearer access to their intuitive abilities through self discovery and a progressive meditation practice, so that they can experience higher consciousness for themselves. This training program is your first step into a much larger world!

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